Beers Currently On Tap:

Our Core Beers are: Heart Of Glass Blondie Ale, Tupelo Honey Brown Ale, Young American Pale Ale, Misty Mountain Hops IPA, & Dark Side Of The Moon Porter (Nitro).

Our Current Seasonal/Reserve Beers are: Honey Hush Kolsch, Killer Queen Imperail IPA & Delirous Strong Belguim Ale. 

BMB brews five full time offerings for off premise distribution. Our already ‘almost’ famous Honey Brown Ale, an American Pale Ale (APA), a hoppy India Pale Ale (IPA), a Blonde Ale and a Porter. BMB products will initially be sold in our tap room in individual pints, tasting flights and in 64 ounce Growlers. After BMB perfects our production capability, it will then allow us to be self-distributed in kegs to other local ‘on premise’ locations and then eventually in bottles/cans into liquor stores for off premise consumption. Eventually, BMB will use larger beer distributors to expand our brand to all the liquor stores and bars/restaurants in their area of distribution. After opening, we intend to expand our tap room offerings to a minimum of 7 selections at any given time that will include a consistent flow of seasonal offerings that will be distributed off premise and served at the brewery as growth and demand dictates. Along with this growth, BMB plans on introducing Head Brewer’s reserve beers that will be available only at the brewery due to limited production.

One of the most important elements of BMB's business philosophy is to use the finest and freshest localized ingredients when crafting our beers. All of our ingredients, whether imported or domestic, will be purchased from only the most reputable and reliable of suppliers. We will strive to purchase as much of our high quality ingredients as close to our facility as we possibly can.