Currently On Tap:

Heart of Glass
Blondie Ale
4.2% ABV

Light and fresh flavor with a gentle malty finish. Crisp, easy-drinking beer

Watchtower Wheat
Wheat Ale
5% ABV

Classic, clean wheat flavor combined with a hint of sweetness

Brave Ulysses
Cream Ale
4.4% ABV

Soft malty aroma, finishes smooth and clean

5.2% ABV

"Rock You Like A Hurricane" Oktoberfest. A traditional Oktoberfest - malty, with low hop bitterness

Tupelo Honey
Brown Ale
6.4% ABV

Malty backbone, followed by a smooth, sweet honey finish. Brewed with local MN honey!

Penny Lane
5% ABV

A perfect English-style pub ale. Smooth, with a light toffee finish. Served on Nitro.

Dark Side of the Moon

Coffee, toffee and a touch of dark chocolate. Served on Nitro.

Calibration Day
Session IPA
4.5% ABV

Hop forward with a burst of grapefruit flavor. Bald Man's first beer - back by popular demand!

Misty Mountain Hops
6.6% ABV

Well-balanced with a distinctive blend of four hops. This brew has a citrusy, not too bitter, palate with a clean finish